Our Mission & Vision


To create a community in which there is no cruelty to and suffering of animals by educating the community in the humane treatment and responsible ownership of animals. To stop the perpetuation of unwanted animals by maintaining a sustained spaying/neutering program.



To prevent cruelty to and the suffering of animals and to provide a safe shelter for neglected, unwanted or abused animals.

To help the sick and injured animals of the poorer communities by providing affordable treatment options.

To rehome animals without owners and to reunite lost animals with their owners.

To educate the community on the humane treatment and responsible ownership of animals.

To increase public awareness about the importance of spaying/neutering pets and to maintain an effective spay/neuter program.



We Value

- the compassionate treatment of animals in our care

- the loyalty of our staff and volunteers

- our relationships with our donors and supporters

- our role as a recognized animal welfare organization in the community

- financial responsibility and careful management of our resources

- our co-operation with like-minded animal welfare organisations