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Hermanus Animal Welfare

Interim Chairperson's Report

Time flies when you are busy and the HAWS team have certainly been kept very busy over the past five months. Some of you may have noticed the renovations taking place at HAWS. Much excitement is in the air as our newly renovated clinic has, at long last, reached the final stages of completion. We had a slight hiccup in February when, due to that heavy rain storm, our new clinic suffered some water damage. We were devastated to see the damage as painting of the interior of the clinic had only just been completed. Our staff were wonderful during the rain storm and, despite this being after hours, rallied round to stem the flow of water into the clinic and to limit the damage. Of course, care was also taken to ensure all our animals were safe and dry.

Outreach Programs

I was amazed to hear that many members, as well as the public, are unaware of all the outreach programmes we offer the community. We are extremely proud of the work we do and list below some of our programmes.

  • Our education centre not only provides training but also affords children the chance to interact with animals.
  • Our sterilization programme is vitally important in order to reduce the number of unwanted litters.
  • We also run a "Fences for Freedom" programme to stop the chaining of dogs.
  • Our "Nibbles for Needy" programme assists in feeding all those needy animals in the community.
  • In addition, we also provide clinic aid for those children who are unable to afford the cost of vet fees for their dogs and cats.
  • Our field work includes visiting the suburbs and townships in our area, offering advice and help to the community and also checking for abused and unsterilized animals. Our thanks to our field workers.

HAWS Animals

We have so many dogs and cats, all waiting patiently to be adopted. I feel so sorry for all the adult cats who go unnoticed while the playful kittens are snapped up. Please consider taking on an older cat or dog. They make such loving pets and are a joy to behold once they find their forever home. Please be patient with a newly adopted animal. It will take time to adjust but, with a little patience, you will be rewarded once the newly adopted pet settles down. I talk from personal experience as Cargo would mark his territory all over the house. I despaired in the beginning, but realised the dog was only trying to make our home feel and smell like his home.

All our cats and dogs are featured regularly on our Facebook page and website. If you are interested in adopting a pet, please feel free to pop in anytime during office hours.


To all those wonderful volunteers who help pamper the cats and walk the dogs, a huge thank you. I know it is not easy walking the dogs as most of them do not walk well on leashes but the dogs love their daily walks and interaction with you. Please do use the servitude to walk the dogs and don't forget to take your doggy doo bags with you. We have promised the Municipality that we will clean up after the dogs.

Shop Volunteers

I have not forgotten the shop volunteers. We say it time and time again but, without your help, HAWS would struggle to make our shop such a success. Thank you all so much! We know there has been some upheaval in the changes and renovation of the shop. Please bear with us and the end result will be well worth it.

Fund Raising

We are again holding a "lock down" fund raising session at HAWS from the 20-22 April when certain volunteers will be locked in with the cats and dogs for the weekend.

What we are trying to do is not only raise awareness of the plight of animals confined to the kennels and cattery, but also to raise much needed funds for HAWS. If you are able to sponsor one (or more) of our volunteers, this would be much appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you.


Please also diarise the following events which hopefully all members and the public will support. Without you, these fund-raising programmes would not be possible.

  • 8 August Games evening in the Grobbelaar Saal
  • 19 October Golf Day at the Hermanus Golf Course
  • October - Beer Festival at the Farmers Market – exact date to be announced
  • 15 December – our annual street collection. Need volunteers to help collect, please! Let's make this collection a good one.

Annual Membership

It's that time of year again and membership fees are due on the 1st April 2018. We have maintained the annual fee of R150.00 per adult, R20.00 per scholar and R1000.00 for corporate. Remember, without your support, HAWS cannot survive. Fees can be paid to the kennels, charity shop in Mitchell Street or by EFT.

  • Account Name - HAWS
  • Standard Bank – Branch code: 050312
  • Account number - 082 263 3310
    Please use your name as the reference followed by the wording "membership".

Kindly reconfirm your email address by sending a short email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What I love about dogs and cats is when you are feeling blue, they never ask you why! That is why they are such comfort to humans. In addition, no one appreciates the special genius of your conversation as your dog or cat does!

Until next time ...