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About Me

Young staffie  tortured - now recovering well. Welfare received a call late April about a dog held and being abused. On our arrival this awful scene unfolded of Scarlet tied onto a too short chain so that she never could stand up properly and had deformed back leg muscles. Her tail had been cut off at the end and left raw and she was full of wounds and welts from being hit repeatedly. Her kennels were boarded up so she had nowhere to lie in. SHe was starving and terrified. The owners were not there so we took her away. A case was opened - the man was arrested and the court case is pending (May 22nd). We hope to prosecute.

There are 3 photos as she was found. She growled and snapped at everyone understandably. Naomi, a volunteer animal communicator and behaviourist began working on Scarlet to reassure her. Scarlet was afraid of open spaces and anything new. 10 days later she is looking much better with more weight on her as the photos show and able to make friends with a few people working with her. Her wounds are healing and she is always hungry.

It has been 5 weeks since Scarlet was rescued and she is making a good recovery but still needs a couple more weeks before she can be adopted out as she needs to feel secure and trusting and used to strangers and her new world "out there". SHe is being taken out on short outings to adapt. She now is being mixed with a couple of male dogs and plays with them happily. SHe is better at present with the male dogs. There are updated photos taken nearly a month later and look how great she is doing!

Naomi continues to work with her and a few of the HAWS staff. She is still not open to all people approaching her but we are sure in time she will learn to trust everyone.

update 24th June - it is hard to believe this is the same dog. Her nature has transformed and she is now happy to greet everyone and really friendly. SHe is now looking for a home please...

July 7th - Scarlet is still a happy girl and mixing again with Kato her black collie cross friend after she was sterilised - they dash around the run together. Scarlet is still over the moon to have visitors and a friendly cuddle, pat and a walk. She awaits her forever home. 

The court case is still continuing but her torturer is behind bars for now.

UPDATE - July 17th Scarlet was driven to her new home in Cape Town oh joy!! SHe is an only dog with a couple who love stafffies and the man who is home in the day. We will get some home pictures later. WHat a wonderful ending...

UPDATE June17th 2014. We were sent a pic of her all warm with her coat on and the info that she has her dad wrapped around her little paw!!