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About Me

Rocky was brought in by a memeber of the public from Mount Pleasant area. He is a Pitbull Mix Approx 8 months old - just look at that lovely eye on him!!. He is still adjusting and somewhat submissive at present but after a time at HAWS they generally come out of their shyness. 

Rocky is a high energy loveable boy who will be a good dog for someone who is sporty and energetic. He does tend to jump up but does not bite, but the jumping is something that can be fixed. I think the reason for him not mixing with dogs at present is that he is sooo enthusiastic and a bit rough and scary to some of the other dogs, not from aggression. He is still a young boy and has not had the right guidance and am pretty sure with a bit of time spent on him teaching him manners he will be a wonderful pet. 

A volunteer reports Oct 2nd:"

 When I arrived he bolted out of his cage....I soon realized that he is just young and extremely energetic and exuberant.

He needs a firm, but loving person as well as someone who will exercise him regularly.  He can jump quite high, so I reckon they will need a reasonably high fence or wall.  This boy must be SO FRUSTRATED in a kennel.  Once we let him run around and settle down he was very loving.  He just loved lying in the grass as you can see from the pics.  I reckon he would make a good companion for a sporty person who likes to run or spend time in the outdoors.